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Amazon storage fees are steadily increasing yearly. Clients are looking for a reliable and steady price per cubic foot. Rite Prep Shipping offers clients the affordable storage solutions they're looking for!

 All storage either full(72 inches) or not, will be billed as a pallet position. A pallet position (80 cu/ft) will cost our clients a mere $35 per month. Clients who store 20 or more pallets with us will have an opportunity to save big at $30 per pallet position.

Hazmat storage will be billed at $48 per pallet position.

Please see link to compare our storage prices with Amazon's and learn how you could and should be saving on storage fees!

With Amazon now accessing LTSF more often, it's more important to manage your inventory by using our storage solutions to trickle in your shipments weekly or monthly to prevent stockout.

We have other smaller storage solutions (availability is limited):

  • Round trip plastic totes 19.8x13.8x11.8 - $5 per month.

  • Space age totes 18x13x12 - $4 per month.

  • Stack and nest storage totes 15x10x11 - $3 per month.

  • Rack positions: 60x48x72 - $14.99 per month.

                                           96x48x60 - $19.99 per month.

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