UPDATED: 7/28/21

Dear new and current clients,

We always want to be flexible and fair with our clients. Sometimes issues arise that are beyond a client's control. We're fully aware that carriers may miss delivery appointment dates or things may go wrong. We're prepared to work with clients to minimize deficiencies that may affect our efficiency (team member scheduling, time management etc). Please understand that we will try to work with our valued clients to eliminate the occurrences of extra charges as much as we can. We've outlined some scenarios that may result in clients being assessed an extra charge:

Extra charges that may occur

Rite Prep Shipping may access extra charges in situations that involve:

  • Not creating product listing before shipment(s) is received - This issue disrupts workflow, create additional tasks for our team members and results in delays for other clients. Clients who do not create their product listing (s) will be billed $50 per SKU. 

  • Not adding shipment to client spreadsheet - This issue disrupts workflow, leads to additional unnecessary research and delay work for other clients. Clients who fail to add shipment to their client spreadsheet will be billed $10 per carton and $35 per pallet.

  • Not creating shipping plan before shipment is received - This mainly applies to clients who elect to not give us limited access to their account. Clients who do not create their shipping plans prior to shipment arrival will be billed $100 per shipment.

  • Incorrect or no labels (FNSKU/Shipping labels): It's very important that clients send us the correct FNSKU and shipments labels or give us access to print these labels ourselves via our "how it works" page. Clients who fail to send us correct labels or do not send us labels before shipment arrives (FNSKU, shipping labels) may be assessed a $65 fee. For example, clients who repeatedly send us incorrect FNSKU and shipping labels leading to delays in the efficiency of our prep process. Clients who purposely send us incorrect documents in an attempt to delay prep and gain additional "free storage days".

**Please be aware that although you may give us access to your seller central account. We may not print or create shipping plan for shipments with more than 3 different skus***

  • Receiving fee - $1 per carton for 50 cartons or less/$35 an hr for more than 50 cartons. Receiving fee may be assessed to clients who ship us loose boxes specifically for storage or e-commerce fulfillment purposes. This fee is used to cover the time our team member spends on receiving, counting, packing and/or palletizing your shipment for storage.

  • Loading/Unloading fee - We may access a $35/hour prorated loading fee. This simply means that clients may be billed for the amount of time it takes to load shipments into trucks. This fee is typically assessed for FTL shipments, shipments with more than 2 pallets, small parcel shipments with more than 5 cartons. For example, a client would be assessed a load fee of $17.50 if client's shipment was loaded in 30mins.

  • Upload/shipping label fee - A $1 fee per box will be assessed to clients who use our "forward without inspection service" but elect to have us create their shipping labels.

  • Shipments with improper shipment names: Clients are asked to send shipment in the format below. Clients who fail to do so will be billed $5 per carton or $20 per pallet. Clients are asked to send us shipments in the format below:

Company Name (Rite Prep Shipping) or Rite Prep Shipping (Company Name)

17 Cannon Hill Dr

Unit 900

New Hampton, NY 10958

  • Shipments unrecognizable company name/Incorrect address - Client shipment will be put in on our "unknown pallet". Client will be billed a prorated rate $35/hour for time spent on finding shipment. Client will be billed storage fee in accordance with our storage fee policy if your free storage period elapses.

  • Clients who attempt to take advantage of "5 day or 7 day storage" as a buffer to pay for less storage days. Unless stated otherwise, a $35 storage per pallet position will be assessed regardless of shipment arrival date.

  • Overweight pallets (storage pallets) - Overweight pallets are a hazard to our team members. Any pallet meant for storage and over 1,500 will be re-sorted into another pallet. Client will be assessed the fee for a new storage space ($35) and palletizing fee of $25 per pallet.

  • Overweight boxes - Overweight boxes that are 50lbs or over can cause injury to our team members and also reduce efficiency as it will then be required to be received as a "team lift". Please be advised that each overweight box will be assessed a fee of $10.

  • Changes or delay to prep: Clients who are non responsive, change prep guidance or delay guidance/critical materials to complete job may be assessed a fee of $50 per hour for wasted time and assessed a $1 fee for wasted materials.

  • High amount of issues with shipment: Issues that add a significant amount of time to labor will be billed at $50 per hour to resolve. For example, clients who ship glass, liquid or fragile products will be billed for the amount of time it takes our team member to clean/dispose any damaged or leaking products.

  • Temperature controlled units - We're not equipped to handle temperature controlled units. It's important that clients make sure their shipment is not temperature controlled as shipment will be rejected and client will be billed $50/hr for employee time spent on reaching resolution.

  • Miscellaneous: Unless other arrangements were made with Rite Prep Shipping, anything not listed here may be billed at a flat rate of $35 per hour. This goes for product assembly, testing etc.

  • Replacement of damaged boxes: Client will be assessed the full amount of the replacement box.

  • Consolidation: This involves the consolidation of master cartons into a singular box or consolidation of units. Client will be assessed a forwarding fee at a reduced cost for each consolidated box($1.50 per box) or sortation fee ($0.10 per unit).

  • Oversize product: Additional fees will be assessed for individual items/bundles/multipacks that weigh 10lbs or more or longer than 18x14x8 inches on it's (LxWxH). Please see www.rpshipping.com/services for our oversize product guide.

  • Client negligence/non-responsive client: The client is responsible to passing over information like spreadsheet information, shipment arrival schedule, delays, labeling and shipping materials etc. In situations where clients does not communicate in a timely manner (2 business days) or delays communication without any prior notice, a storage fee(s) will be administered as per our fee schedule. Please see www.rpshipping.com/services for fee schedule.

  • Different time zones – Rite Prep Shipping welcomes all clients. We’re flexible and willing to work with all clients. We know it may be especially difficult to communicate effectively due to time zone differences.
    Please be aware that our storage fee schedule will still be enforced for all clients regardless of client's time zone. Please visit our website www.rpshipping.com/services to view storage fees and determine when storage fees will be assessed, thank you


Negotiated pricing

  • Although negotiated pricing structures are binding and we’re fully prepared to honor our agreement, please be aware that clients with tiered/negotiated pricing are obligated to fulfill the monthly volumes in order to maintain pricing.

    Rite Prep Shipping may terminate tiered/negotiated pricing agreement with clients who do not fulfill monthly volumes. Clients will be notified of changes to pricing agreement. New negotiated pricing clients will be given 15 days to show commitment to their stated volume.

Turnaround time

To set client expectations, Rite Prep Shipping is fully equipped and committed to completing client shipment in 2 days or less. Processing delays may occur as a result of the following:

  • Large shipments: Large shipments is any shipment consisting of 5 pallets or more, container shipment, oversize shipments. Large shipments may take up of 5 business days to be processed.

  • Shipments arriving after 12PM will have a processing time of 24hrs - 72hrs.

  • Oversize/overweight/glass intensive and bulk shipments may take between 3-7 business days.

  • New books shipments has a turnaround time of 24hrs-72hrs.

  • Used books shipments have a turnaround time of 3 - 5 business days.

  • Non-responsive client or delayed responses will affect turnaround time.

  • Incorrect document (incorrect FNSKU or shipping labels etc.) will affect turnaround time.

  • Carrier delays/missed appointments will affect turnaround time.

  • Damaged shipments: We will reject all damaged shipments.

  • Unrecognizable company name on shipment.

Storage fees

  • Per pallet: $35

  • Per cubic feet: $0.50

  • Shipments left in our warehouse for 90 days without payment of storage fees will be disposed. All attempts will be made to contact the client before disposal.

Other situations where storage fees may be assessed

  • Unresponsive client – Storage fee will be assessed in accordance with our fee schedule. See www.rpshipping.com/services for additional information.

  • Online or retail arbitrage shipment(s) that remain at our warehouse 7 days after delivery or 2 days after completion notification may be assessed a storage fee.

  • Wholesale/Private label shipments that remain at our warehouse 5 days after delivery or 2 days after completion notification may be assessed a storage fee.

  • Sending us items that require temperature control. Shipment will be rejected at the expense of the client.

Invoicing and Payments

  • Client agrees to pay all invoices prior to shipment of products. Storage fees will be assessed to payments not made within 2 of "due date". For example, invoice(s) sent on the 15th of June will be accessed a storage fee of the 2nd day of non payment (June 17th). This process is billed automatically by our system and will not be reverted under any circumstances. It is within our discretion to establish net term payments with clients.

  • During period of non payment, all shipping/working activities will be held. Client will be responsible for all storage fees accessed as a result of this hold for non payment.

  • Late payment will result in revocation of client's net term payment agreement. We expect all invoices to be paid in full on or before your invoice "due date". Please reach out to us at ar@rpshipping.com if you're having any issues paying your invoice.

  • Late payment may result in cancelation of all negotiated rates. 

  • Invoices not paid by due date may result in product removal, disruption of service and shipment rejection at the expense of the client. It is of optimum importance that clients make payments on or before their invoice due date.


  • Rite Prep Shipping will report all damages to client. Client will be reimbursed in form of service credit, if possible, for all damages caused by Rite Prep Shipping. Rite Prep Shipping will not reimburse for any damages caused by carrier or external warehouse such as Amazon FC etc.


  • Rite Prep Shipping is insured by State Farm Inc. Client can be rest assured that every article stored with us is covered under our liability insurance. Client can request a copy of our coverage if necessary.