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(NO HIDDEN FEES, NO MONTHLY FEES). You will be billed according to Amazon prep specifications.

We expect all clients to be familiar with the basic terminologies of selling on Amazon like FNSKU labels, creating listings, standard size unit, converting FBM listings to FBA and identifying product ASINs.The fees below include unloading/receiving and loading fees. Please note that clothes and shoes will incur a $1 fee per item. There is a $50 minimum and 30 unit/SKU per job/shipping plan/shipment to Amazon for OA/RA clients


Please see below for pricing:








***SHIPPING 1,000 or more OA/RA units per month? Contact for custom quote***


  • Receive and visually inspect your inventory.

  • Notify you that your shipment was received.

  • Provide temporary storage.

  • Upload and sync your inventory via seller central or inventoryLab.

  • InventoryLab integration will result in a $20 per month fee as we have to create a user email for your inventoryLab account.

  • Provide a spreadsheet with counts and email damage photos.

  • Complete your shipment within 24hrs - 48hrs after receipt. Please be aware that shipments received after 12PM EST will be completed between 48hrs - 72hrs. Oversize/overweight/glass intensive and bulk shipments may take between 3-7 business days.

  • Provide sticker covering/removal.

  • Provide expiration labels (inventoryLab only)

  • Dunnage.

  • Ship to Amazon warehouse via UPS, LTL and FTL.

  • Storage is billed as per pallet position at $45 per month.

  • 7 days of free storage before storage fees kick in.

  • Loading finished cartons for SPD.

Please see our service page for all other services we offer.
























Storage fees will assessed 7 days after delivery. 

Please be aware that boxes 50lbs and over will be considered "team lift" and assessed a $10 per box fee. Please visit our disclosure page for additional information.

Payment is "as you go" and will be due prior to shipment departure. 

Oversize/overweight/glass intensive and bulk shipments may take between 3-7 business days.

**Items in our warehouse for more than 3 months without payment of storage fees will be disposed. We will make every attempt to reach out to clients prior to disposal**

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