Frequently asked questions


What is MEGANOX™?

MEGANOX™ is Premium Mega Nutritional Supplement in capsule form made from desugared cane extract. It is mainly taken as a superior natural antioxidant and immunity booster.

Why is MEGANOX™ "The Most Superior Antioxidant"?

MEGANOX™, from desugared cane extracts, boasts the highest antioxidant value among leading food supplements. It has 1,232,000 ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity units (µmole te/100mg), a measure used by USDA to rank the antioxidant properties of common food. Antioxidants are important in countering free radicals that targets cells, lead to oxidative stress, and cause ailments.

What nutrients can I get from taking MEGANOX™?

Aside from its high antioxidant value, Meganox is also rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, and C; minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous and Potassium; Phytonutrients such as Polyphenols and Policosanol; Proteins as well as Soluble Fibers. All these combined reveal our inner glow, energize and revitalize our body, and strengthen our immune system.

What benefits can I get from taking MEGANOX™?

The nutrients and MEGA-antioxidants combined in a MEGANOX capsule are beneficial to the body in: ✔️ countering free radicals ✔️ promoting resistance against viral and bacterial infection ✔️ making skin smooth and healthy ✔️ revitalizing sexual health ✔️ boosting energy level ✔️ keeping the digestive system in good shape ✔️ protecting against cancer ✔️ preventing age-related degeneration ✔️ protecting liver against infection ✔️ preventing adult-onset diabetes and stroke ✔️ promoting bone growth and development, and ✔️ protecting against cardiovascular disease. Important Reminder: No approved therapeutic claims.

What ailments can MEGANOX™ cure?

MEGANOX™ is recognized by FDA as a food supplement, NOT a prescription medicine. But because of its superior antioxidant level (1,232,000 ORAC), not only does it give protection to our system, it also battles against free radicals that causes various ailments. Some of our customers even testify as far as claiming relief or recovery from past sickness with the help of MEGANOX™. The following are among these ailments: ✔︎ Allergy ✔︎ Alzheimer's Disease ✔︎ Anemia ✔︎ Arthritis ✔︎ Asthma ✔︎ Bronchial Problem ✔︎ Cancer ✔︎ Colon Problem ✔︎ Constipation ✔︎ Cyst ✔︎ Dengue ✔︎ Diabetes ✔︎ Goiter ✔︎ Heart Problem ✔︎ Hepatitis ✔︎ High Cholesterol ✔︎ Hypertension ✔︎ Kidney Problem ✔︎ Liver Problem ✔︎ Lupus ✔︎ Myoma ✔︎ Ovarian Problem ✔︎ Pneumonia ✔︎ Poor Memory ✔︎ Prostate Problem ✔︎ Psoriasis ✔︎ Stroke ✔︎ Thyroid Problem ✔︎ Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ✔︎ Vertigo ✔︎ Weak Body ✔︎ *etc.

How many days should I continually take MEGANOX™ to reap beneficial results?

Our body is unique and different from others. We have different genetic makeup and structure. Satisfied MEGANOX™ Meganox users reported very good results in three days to one week, depending on their health conditions.

How should I take MEGANOX™ and how many capsules is recommended in a day?

MEGANOX™ works best when it is not mixed with other food which may affect the complete and fast absorption of its mega properties. For standard daily intake (1 capsule), MEGANOX™ is best taken 30 minutes to an hour before a meal, preferrably breakfast. For those experiencing dizziness, vertigo, or acid reflux, it is recommended to take MEGANOX™ two hours after dinner.

Is MEGANOX™ safe for pregnant women?

As most doctors would advise, it is best to give any health product including MEGANOX to expecting mothers after the 1st trimester (1st three months) of pregnancy. This is to ensure that the growing fetus inside the womb is mature enough to benefit from MEGANOX. Expecting and nursing mothers can benefit the nutrients after the 1st trimester of pregnancy with its content of Calcium, essential for development and strengthening of bones, teeth, nerves and the blood clotting system; Potassium and Magnesium, good for digestion and prevents constipation.

Can I get antioxidants from sugarcane juice?

Yes. You can get antioxidants from sugarcane juice, but not enough to get the maximum antioxidant needed to counter the damaging effects of free radicals. MEGANOX™ is a desugared natural cane extract that provides the natural antioxidants that is more than 1,000 times superior than other available products in the market.

Is MEGANOX™ sugar-free?

Yes. Although it is made from sugarcane, its extraction is done to rid of the sugar and retain its key nutrients and mega-antioxidants, thus making it 1,000 times more superior in its efficacy than other food supplements in the market.

Is MEGANOX™ locally produced?

Yes. MEGANOX™ is extracted and produced from fresh, all natural sugarcane grown in sun-drenched plantations of Negros Island, Philippines. The extraction is done at a multi-million processing plant (the first and the only one in the world) in Sagay Sugar Central Inc., by means of a Patented Process by Dr. Chou Technologies Inc. of New York, USA (esugartech).

Is MEGANOX™ FDA-Approved?

Yes. Not only is MEGANOX™ FDA-approved, its manufacturer, Forever Nutriliving Corporation, is also SEC and BOI-registered, therefore following the legal and ethical business standards and compliant to government requirements. DOH-FDA Registered: CPR No. FR-4000005283998 (11-25-2024)

How much is one box? Where is it available?

MEGANOX™ retails for only P540 per box of 30 capsules. This is equivalent to P18 per capsule. It is available in select drugstores nationwide. It is also available online (Shopee link:


What are the ingredients of MEGAMAX Coffee Mix?

MEGAMAX Coffee Mix contains 100% natural sugarcane and turmeric extracts. Complete Ingredients: Natural Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Non-Dairy Creamer, Low GI Brown Sugar, Stevia, Saccharum Officinarum Extract, Turmeric Extract

What are the benefits of MEGAMAX Coffee Mix?

COFFEE MADE HEALTHY! Megamax takes both the extraordinary benefits of natural sugarcane and turmeric extracts in coffee that: ✔︎ boosts brain function ✔︎ promotes cardiovascular health ✔︎ supports bone and muscle health ✔︎ improves energy ✔︎ fights bacterial and viral infections ✔︎ fights inflammation ✔︎ boosts detoxification ✔︎ supports natural weight loss ✔︎ improves mood balance, and ✔︎ promotes youthful radiant skin No approved therapeutic claims.

What does Low Glycemic Index mean?

Glycemic index (GI) scores the carbohydrate level in foods from zero to 100, indicating how quickly a food causes a person’s blood sugar to rise. GI scores are as follows: ✔︎ low GI foods: 55 or less 𝙭 medium GI foods: 56–69 𝙭 high GI foods: 70 or above MEGAMAX Coffee is scored as Low GI, meaning it does not cause blood sugar spikes especially for people with diabetes.

How should it be prepared?

A MEGAMAX sachet contains 20 g of instant coffee mix. Pour one in a cup/mug for 120 ml of hot water for flavorful strength.

When is the best time to drink coffee?

Health experts suggest drinking your coffee around mid to late morning (9 to 11 am) when cortisol level is lower. But you decide. Drink your coffee when you feel that you need a boost of focus and energy to get through daily tasks. It is advised to avoid consuming caffeine for a minimum of 6 hours before bed to not disrupt with your sleep.

How many cups of coffee a day is safe?

Four cups (400 mg of caffeine/950mL of coffee) daily is considered a safe amount for healthy individuals.

How much is it and where is it available?

MEGAMAX retails for only P180 (dozen pack). This is equivalent to P18 per sachet. We sell only the dozen pack online (Shopee link: