Rite Prep Shipping is a 3PL partner designed to make FBA shipping easy!

Do you want to spend less time prepping and scaling your Amazon business? Let Rite Prep Shipping do the work today!

We offer simple and custom pricing. Located in New Hampton, NY. We offer plans starting at $0.50. We're just a few hours away from AVP1. Text, email or call us today.

We offer simple/glass prep, box/pallet forwarding, LTL, FTL, E-commerce fulfillment, customs broker and transportation of pallets or containers to our location, and more.

We can do more than just FBA shipping. We offer a variety of solutions for your shipping needs. Please let us know what you need so we can offer your company a solution!

Book an audio zoom meeting to discuss your business today!

We can work with small and large sellers. Our current clientele consists of small one-person owned businesses shipping 100+ units per month, automation/consulting companies shipping  thousands of items per month to several top 100 Amazon sellers who do high 100,000+ units per year. Although we accept small sellers, we're not accepting new sellers at this time.

No volume is too high for us to deal with. Give us a chance to know your business and device a plan to help you scale or help you deal with your current volume effectively.

We welcome all types of sellers, small, medium or big.

Retail arbitrage, Online arbitrage, wholesale and private label are all welcome.

Once your product is received, we will prep your products for shipment to Amazon's fulfillment center. Turnaround time is 2 business days (3 business days during Q4).

We're located just a few hours away from Amazon fulfillment center AVP1 which normally receives shipments the following day.

About Rite Prep









We're a prep company based in New Hampton, NY. We've been in the Amazon business since 2015 and understand the ins and outs of prepping for Amazon FBA. Please give us a call or email us to begin doing business with us.

We offer various solutions like standard/glass prep, pallet/box forwarding, LTL, FTL, e-commerce fulfillment, and more.

Let us know what your shipping needs are today so we can offer you the best solution.



Here's what some of our clients think about our service

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Rite Prep Shipping offers quality services and they are very polite and honest.
They have a great team. My products was scanned and counted right after they arrived at their warehouse. The products was prepared and ready for shipping next day.
They always responds me very fast to my e-mails. They give you detailed responses to your questions.
The pricing was the same as discussed in the beginning. They do win-win businesses for both parties involved.
You can trust Rite Prep Shipping, they always take care of your prepping needs.
It's very easy to work with Rite Prep Shipping! They take care of everything!

Laura Sabou from The Electronic Shelves 

Rite Prep Shipping is a great company to work with. They are reliable and get the job done quickly and professionally. They also have great response time to all of our emails and inquiries. Would highly recommend 


Rite Prep Shipping is just absolutely fantastic!  RPS takes the necessary steps to make my Amazon business run smoothly. RPS has a reliable, honest and hard working team. My products are worked on immediately after arrival and shipped out the next day. I just love how I am kept updated on my products status. RPS is always available to answer any questions I may have and respond almost immediately. My business would not run without Rite Prep Shipping. I highly recommend this prep center! 

Marie Marrero

Reliability: How reliable is Rite Prep Shipping? Excellent service each time, our orders have always shipped out in the format and time we asked for.

Turnaround time: How fast was the turnaround time? Their team never sleeps! No matter when I send an email I always get an answer within a few hours.
Communication: Typically how long did it take Rite Prep to reply to your email? Very quick and clear communication.

Pricing: Was the pricing exactly as stated? We worked out a customized price sheet based on what was most important to us and they always followed it properly. Very easy billing service too.

Is Rite Prep Shipping a credible service  100% recommend this company and their team!

Lina Zdruli

Founder + CEO

Dafero, LLC